Air, Air Track and Table

projection air table Projection Air Table

Use this miniature air table with any suitable air source to demonstrate the random movement of molecules. Made of clear acrylic this unit can be set on an overhead projector and projected so everyone in the room can observe the movement. The molecules are colored disks with mounted magnets in each. These magnets cause each disk to repel it's neighbor and thus create an almost continuous motion.
quiet air source Quiet Air Source

This piece of equipment can be used on any apparatus requiring an air source such as air tables or air tracks. Very quit in operation and comes complete with a 1-1/8" diameter hose. Operates on 110 volt AC.
harmonic motion air track Harmonic Motion Air Track

Used to study harmonic motion and relationship between vibration and mass. It can also be used to demonstrate the conversion between kinetic and potential energy and the effects of air friction or oscillation. A fish tank pump can be used as an air source. A bright and clear precision meter scale is added to each unit.
air track, accessories Air Track and Accessories, 110V,1.5M
This is one of the most useful pieces of apparatus that a physics class could have. This air track allows one to four carts to ride along on a cushion of air, practically eliminating friction. Highly precision pulleys are included to mount to the ends for performing free falling and incline experiments. Spring bumpers can be attached to record impact forces and weights can be attached to each cart for studying momentum and many other phenomena's involving forces. Air source is not included. Unit can be used with our photo gates and digital timer and our quiet air source.
digital timer ands photogate Digital Timer and Photogate

The solid state apparatus is a must for any physics class and is perfect for our air track and free fall apparatus. Two photo-gates are included, each with it's own shielded connecting cord and mounting screws. The timer has functions for timing, mechanical periods of oscillation, acceleration, collision velocities, counting and more.