Archimedes Principle, Overflow Can

overflow can, aluminum with pour spout Overflow Can, Aluminum with Pour Spout

This unit is made of aluminum. Angled spout drains all displaced water for high accuracy. Measures 12.5 cm high and 8 cm diameter with 450ml capacity.
overflow can, with pour spout Overflow Can, Plastic with Pour Spout

Graduated Scale Provides Easy-to-Read Measurements. Use this transparent overflow can
for more accurate determinations of density, displacement, and specific gravity. Its specially angled spout prevents spillback so all the liquid leaves the container. Overall dimensions: 85mm height; 50mm diameter; 115ml capacity.
catch bucket Catch Bucket
The traditional catch bucket and overflow can used for density and specific gravity determinations, Archimedes' principle, etc. Good grade aluminum construction.
overflow can, catch bucket set Overflow Can and Catch Bucket Set

Overflow Can and Catch Bucket Set is used to find the volume of a body and to determine its specific gravity or for proving Archimedes' Principle. Consist of 3" dia. 5" high aluminum canister with spout and a 3" dia. 3" high seamless aluminum bucket.
archimedes's principle bucket and cylinder Archimedes's Principle (Bucket and Cylinder)

This all metal unit demonstrates the principles of buoyancy and displacement. Experiments prove that the weight loss equals the weight of water displaced.
archimedes proinciple apparatus

archimedes principle apparatus
Archimedes Principle Apparatus, Plastic
This new model has a much large capacity (100ml) than the traditional aluminum model (22ml) for higher accuracy and easier operation. In additional, both the cylinder and the cup have marked divisions which allow the students to repeat the experiment with different volumes. Made of white nylon. This unit is used with a 200g spring scale, an overflow can and a beaker.
archimedes principle apparatus Archimedes Principle Apparatus
This new model demonstrates how Archimedes Priciple works.