Vernier Caliper Vernier Caliper

Fast, easy, precise measuring with roller adjustment! Steel, double scale, calibrated in
both English and metric sales, 120mm x 0.1mm and 5" x 0.25". Provided with adjustment roller and locking screw. (1/2" x 3" x 8"; .186lb).
Precision Dial Vernier Calipers Precision Dial Vernier Calipers
The precision vernier is made of hardened steel with large, easy to read dials. The caliper features a thumb roller and locking lever for accuracy and smoothness. Available in either English or metric.(150 x 0.02mm/6"x 0.1")

plastic caliper Plastic Vernier Caliper

Simple vernier caliper for students practice. 0-150mm, Made from ABS.
Precision Measurement Set Precision Measurement Set 4pcs

A high quality measurement set, supplied in a high impact, reusable, plastic storage container. Included: 1-Micrometer 0-25 x .01mm 1-Vernier Caliper 150 x .05mm Knife edge square 90 degrees Ruler Steel 150mm
(12" x 1-1/2" x 4" 1.65lbs)
Micrometer Caliper Micrometer Caliper
Range: 0-25mm x 0.01m
Screw Form with Gauge Traditional English
caliper is used for precise measurements! The body is constructed of brass and it features a stainless steel screw adjustment 25x1mm pitch.
inner and outter guage MS904 Inner and Outer Caliper
One head for measuring inner diameter and another for outer diameter.
Teaching Vernier Caliper Teaching Vernier Caliper

Wooden caliper for teaching / demonstration in the class
Teaching Vernier Caliper Teaching Vernier Caliper

Wooden caliper for teaching / demontration in the class.
Micrometer Caliper Micrometer Caliper
A practical and economical measuring device for beginners, well-suited for training programs. Calibrated to 25 mm x 1 mm pitch. Satin finish frames have friction thimble to permit consistent measurements. Machine-cut graduations. Hex wrench is included for simple zero adjustments