Centrifuge Machine

centrifuge machine Centrifuge Machine

Industrial ABS shell;
Automatically shuts off when top opened;
Qiuet, smooth spinning;
LED display time and speed;
Memory function remembers last operation to save;
Excellent for general laboratory use.
· Voltage: 110v—60hz or 220v—50hz
· Speed: 1000-1500-2000-2500-3000-3500-4000 rpm
· Capacity: 6×20ml
· Max. RCF: 1435g
· Time Range: 0-60 min
· Power: 50W
· Size: 280*280*320mm
Model 800 speed is variable
centrifuge machine Centrifuge Machine
Model Capacity Speed Max RCF
800A-6 20mlx6 4000rpm 1435g
800A-8 20mlx8 4000rpm 1435g
Plastic Sell;
Mechanical controller;
Size: 280*280*320mm.

mini centrifuge machine Mini Centrifuge Machine
Supplied with one rotor, 6x1.5ml rotor for micro tubes. The 6 x 1.5ml rotor is designed to centrifuge up to six individual 1.5ml plastic micro centrifuge tubes.
It also accepts 0.5ml and 0.2ml tubes with the adapters supplied with the unit.
The rotor is designed for applications requiring relatively low g-forces, such as micro filtration, cell separation and quick spin downs from the walls of tubes. Please read this manual thoroughly before attempting to operate the centrifuge.
Good for tubes: 0.2mL×6; 0.5mL×6; 1.5mL×6; 2mL×6
Size: 190*190*125mm;
MINI 4K - 4000RPM
MINI 6K - 6000RPM
MINI 10K - 10000RPM
centrifuge machine Centrifuge Machine

Max. RCF: 1750g
Time Range: 0-60 min
Speed: 4000RPM (8 speeds)
Tubes: 20ml x 12
Control: Microprocessor Control
LED Display Panel
Remembers last operation settings
Size: 310*310* 300
hand powered centrifuge machine Centrifuge TB Machine Hand / 4 TB
Centrifuge Machine A simple, mechanically operated centrifuge machine - great for student use. This centrifuge machine is equipped with a clamp for mounting to a table up to 4cm thick. Made from enamel coated cast metal. It will hold centrifuge tubes up to 15ml in capacity. The unit is approximately 30cm tall. (14"x5-1/2"x4"; 5.75lbs).
hand powered centrifuge machine Centrifuge Machine

This hand-driven centrifuge is ideal for simple classroom demonstrations. It features a painted metal body and head that can hold up to four tubes, which are included, and comes with a table-mounting clamp. The three-piece construction makes for easy disassembly and storage in its molded foam box.