Convection Apparatus for Liquid Convection Apparatus for Liquid
The movement of liquid currents due to differences in temperature is demonstrated by introducing dye into the water in the tube.
One corner of the tube is heated and the movement of the dye clearly establishes the currents. The rectangular shaped tube has an opening at the top.
Convection Apparatus for Gases Convection Apparatus for Gases

The enamel coated metal box has a sliding glass front and two glass chimney stacks. Smoke is introduced in one chimney using either smoldering paper or a punk stick. The smoke can be observed traveling down into the box and back out through the other chimney that stands over a flaming candle. The principles of convection currents and wind is made very clear through this demonstration.
Water Trap Water Trap

Designed for use with a steam generator or boiler to trap condensed steam. The unit is made of Pyrex glass and is 15.5 cm long.