Force Demonstrator

Friction Apparatus Friction Apparatus

This set includes a friction block and a friction board, both made of high quality, smoothly finished pine wood. The friction block has a hook for a spring scale and three compartments for additional weights. It can be placed face-up or sideways. Students can vary the weight or area of contact to see their impact on the friction force. Comes with 3-50g weights and a 100g spring scale. Board is 20" x 2" and the block is  4" x 1.5" x 1".
Anemometer Anemometer

Classic design demonstrates the operating principle of cup anemometers; cup rotation reflects changes in air velocity. Since this extra sensitive model responds to wind velocities as low as 2 mph, a standard electric fan may be used as the wind source.
Force and Reaction Fan Car Dynamic Cart, Newton 3rd Law, Force and Reaction

This cart demonstrates how the car reacts when placing a panel in front of it and removing it. Students can understand Newton 3rd Motion Law through experiment. Two AAA batteries are required for demonstration.
Forced Oscillation & Resonance Demonstration Forced Oscillation & Resonance Demonstration
The apparatus demonstrates the resonance point of two weights with different natural frequencies. Included is 2-weights, 2- cams driven by a 6 volt DC motor with speed control and 4 - springs. The speed control is used to adjust the frequency of applied force for resonance.
Roman Arch Set Roman Arch Set

This working model of the famous Roman Arch is an excellent study in Physics and Engineering. When correctly assembled, it will support the weight of a man. Size 26cm x 33cm.
23 hardwood blocks in 6 distinct shapes
Pre-drilled wooden buttress
4 screws for assembling buttress
Manual with full-scale template of area.
Clever and attractive puzzle that is also an intriguing lab in force and geometry. Try building it without the template first - it is not as easy as it may look!
Hint: We recommend constructing the arch on a flat surface and then carefully raising it to a vertical position.
Force Equilibrium Demonstrator Force Equilibrium Demonstrator

This kit is a convenience tool for high school and college physics teachers in their teaching of forces and vectors. It includes a vertical force table on a stand to demonstrate the conditions for concurrent forces to be in equilibrium, a movable parallelogram to simulate the addition of forces, and a triangular support to show the type of force in each member of the support. Comes with 2 weight sets, a spring scale
Student Force Table Student Force Table
This table offers a superior quality compared to most student units sold in this price range. A steel tube, cast legs and laminated table top make this unit very stable and highly functional for the study of equilibrium of forces. Comes with four all aluminum precision pulleys and two force rings with cords. Four sets of 250g weights (base 50g, slot wieghts 20gx9,10gx1,5gx2) are also included.
Force Table, Economy Force Table

This unit very stable and highly functional for the study of equilibrium of forces. Comes with four all aluminum precision pulleys and two force rings with cords. weights are also included.
Vertical Force Board Vertical Force Board

Static forces, torque and rotational equilibrium can be visually exported with this unit that measures 30 inches tall. A circular plate 8-3/4" in diameter revolves on a low friction pin. This plate contains 4 sets of holes with 8 holes in each set. Each set of holes are spaced a different distance from the center. Rotational  forces are studied by attaching pins with hanging weights into the various holes and by measuring forces with a spring scale.
Forced Oscillation Demonstrator Forced Oscillation Demonstrator
single spring type
S209-2A Double spring type
This device demonstrates oscillations under repeated external forces, resonance, and damped oscillation. Consists of one or two springs connected by a metal cylinder, a hand crank, and a support with scale. Size 28x8x9"
Force and Reaction Fan Car Force and Reaction Fan Car

This Fan Car demonstrates the difference between force and mass. Students can understand Newton 3rd Motion Law through experiment. Two AAA batteries are required for demonstration.
force and reaction force cart Force and Reaction Force Cart

Newton 3rd Motion Law Demonstration Cart. Students can observe force and reaction forces by perfoming experiment.
Vertical Force Resultant / Resolution Board

This board demonstrates forces resultant and resolution. It uses different weights on both sides to observe force / vetor reultant the resolution.
Force Combination Demo Forces Resultant and Resolution Board
This unit is to observe the forces resultant and resolution by hooking weights.
Torsion dynamometer MS101.7 Torsion Dynamometer
Torsion spring dynamometer with two replaceable, circular magnetic scales. Adjustable setting for correcting to zero,each scale with a string guide,string for suspending objects with hook.
S101.7-21 1N
S101.7-22 2N
S101.7-23 5N
S101.7-24 10N
torque disk Torque Disk

The disk has 32 holes for hooking wieghts at different redius to observe how the change of weights position drives wheel spin with diferent speed.
Transmission Experiments
1. Trasmitted by friction
2. Belt Transmission
3. Multi gears transmission
4. Worm gear transmission
5. Rack and gear transmission
6. Driven by chain between wheels
Torsion Measure Apparatus Torsion Demo Apparatus

This apparatus demonstrates the torsion increase/decrease.