Hook's Law Apparatus

Hook's Law Apparatus Hook's  Law Apparatus

This apparatus shows that the extension of a coiled spring is proportional to the weight of masses loaded on its hanger. This apparatus has a 12 cm adjustable scale and is  marked in millimeters and mounted on a sturdy 30 cm support rod and base. A hook supporting a coiled spring with a mass  hanger and indicator is attached to the rod.
Hook Collar Hook Collars - for 1/2"  & 3/4" Rods
Hook collar 1/2"
G50 Hook collar 3/4"
Useful for attaching pulleys, cords, trusses, pendulums, and other apparatus to support rods. Nickel-plated collar with thumbscrew and hook.
Springs for Hook's Law Springs for Hook's Law
A set of 5 springs with different spring constant (k)- they stretch by 2cm with a load of 0.5N, 1N, 2N, 3N and 5N respectively. Pre-stress has been removed for accurate results. With a hook to support weight hanger and a red arrow to indicate positions.