Human Organ Model

Life-sized brain model Life-sized brain model

Demonstrates sensory/motor functions of the brain. Normal right half brain features: frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes; cerebellum; interthalmic adhesion; corpus callosum; pons; midbrain-central peduncle; olfactory bulb; optic nerve; optic chiasm; mammillary body; and medulla oblongata. 
Model size: 6-1/2" x 5" x 2-1/2".
Life-sized brain model Life-sized brain model

This model facilitates the medical students to get a correct understanding of the external features of the brain and its arterial supply as a whole, as well as the relations between their component portions.
External features of the brain: cerebral hemisphere, brain stem, cerebellum.
The arterial supply of the brain: sources, vertebral, internal carotid arteries, arteries supply of the cerebellum and cerebrum.
Made of PVC and can be separated into 8 pcs mounted on base 
Model size: 18.5x14x13.5CM.
Life-sized brain model Life-sized brain model

This plastic replica human brain shows multiple views. Great for hands-on study of brain anatomy. On base. Dissectible into 3 pcs.
Model size: 18.5x14x13.5CM.
Giant eye ball model Giant hands-on Eye Ball model

Six times larger than life, with five detachable parts, it’s plain to see why this giant, take-apart eye generates such student enthusiasm, providing both visual and tactile stimuli. 19 principal features. Mounted on a tip-proof wooden base
Model size 6" x 6" x 6".
Human eye model Human Eye model

Enlarged approximately three times. Dissectible into six parts. 6" H x 4" W x 4" D on stand. Teacher’s guide included.
Human eye model Human eye model

Oversized fully assembled model with cut-away to show inner anatomy. Lens and cornea are removable. 3-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 2-3/4" without base.
Card size: 6-1/2" x 5-1/4".
Giant eye model Giant eye model

The different parts of the eyeball model are detachable to show the following structures.
1. Tunica external: showing cornea and sclera with attachments of ocular muscles and optic nerve.
2. Tunica media: showing the iris, the ciliary body and the choroids.
3. Tunica internal is retina.
4. Refraction media: showing the lens and the vitreous body.
The model is made of PVC. 
Mounted on a plastic stand. 6 times enlarged. Size: 15.5cm
Human ear model Human ear model - 3 Times Enlarged
- Giant ear model 4 parts, 3 times
XC-303B - Giant ear model 2 parts, 3 times
Enlarged approximately three times. Dissectible into four parts. Removable ear ossicles with dissectible cochlea.
Size: 13-1/3" x 6-1/4" x 4-2/5" on base. 
Human ear model Human ear model

Fully assembled, full size model shows canal and inner ear mechanisms. 
Size:  3-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 2-3/4"
Giant ear model Giant ear model - 5 Times Enlarged
- Giant ear model, 4 parts, 5 times
- Giant ear model, 6 parts, 5 times
A giant model of the ear, for elementary science classes, shows the three main structural parts of the hearing organ (external ear, middle ear, internal ear) and the position of the equilibrium organ of human body.
1. External ear: Showing the shape of the auricle and the primary features of the external auditory meatus.
2. Middle ear: showing the tympanic membrane, the three auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil, stirrup) and the eustachian tube.
3. Internal ear: showing the vestibule, cochlea and the three semicircular canals of the osseous labyrinth.
This model is dissected into 6 parts/5 parts. 5 times enlarged. Mounted on plastic base.
Size: 43x25x15CM.
Expansion model of human teeth Expansion model of human teeth

This model shows the morphological differences of the incisor, canine and molar teeth. Dissections of the canine and molar teeth demonstrate the structure of the enamel, dental pulp cavity. It is intended for middle schools.
Made of PVC. 3pcs/set. 12 times enlarged
 human teeth model Human Teeth Model
XC-403 - 28 teeth
- 32 teeth
Oral Hygiene Model. The model is to serve for demonstration in mouth protection and relative clinical teaching. This model consists of gum, teeth, tongue and palate. It demonstrates teeth form and oral cavity cleaning and protection.
Made of PVC
Stomach model Stomach model

This model shows the morphology of the stomach in a moderate distended state. With the longitudinal section, the model shows the structures of the gastric folds, pyloric valve, pyloric sphincter muscles, gastric mucosa and the transitional mucosa of the gastric-esophagus.
Made of hard plastic, 2 times the natural size.
Jumbo heart model Jumbo heart model

This model helps students to understand the external features and internal structures of the heart, and its relation with the large blood vessels. Thus a clearer conception of the routes of the systemic and pulmonary circulation can be obtained. Dissectible into 3 pcs, 4 times enlarged. 
Made of PVC plastic
Size: 25x23x23CM 
life sized heart model Life-sized heart model

This life-size heart model excellent for patient education or elementary science classes. Anatomically accurate and great for learning basic external and internal anatomy of the heart. Dissectible into 2 pcs. Made of PVC and mounted on plastic base. 
Size: 15x8x9CM. 
Kidney model Kidney model (1 part)

The coronary section of the right kidney shows the renal hilus, renal blood vessels, ureter,
renal pelvis of the kidney, the renal substance is demonstrated by its medulla and cortex, medullary pyramid, papillae etc. 
Made of PVC plastic. 2 times enlarged. 
Mounted on a plastic stand.
Size: 20x10x7CM.
Liver, pancreas and duodenum model Liver, pancreas and duodenum model

An economical way to study the basic structures of the liver, spleen, blood vessels and pancreas. External structures are illustrated as well as the pancreatic duct of the pancreas. This model also shows the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava. Life-size. Can be disassembled into 3 parts. 
Made of PVC. 
Size: 23x12.5x26.5CM
Larynx, heart and lung model Larynx, heart and lung model

Life-sized model separates 7 parts. The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures, the heart bisects showing atria, ventricles and valves, the larynx bisects and the diaphragm is shown.
Size: 36x23x12CM.
Enlarged skin model Enlarged skin model

A greatly enlarged (105 times) cross sectional view of the human skin showing three layers and a close-up view of a hair follicle, sweat gland, fatty tissue and more. Front, side and back view. Not dissectible.
The model shows the structures of the human scalp as follows:
1. Structure of the skin: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis.
2. Appendages of the skin : the sweat glands, the sebaceous glands, the hairs.
3. Blood vessels and nerves of the skin.
Mounted on a plastic base.
Size: 27x10x31CM.