Lens and Prisms

Glass Lenses, Double Convex, ground edges Glass Lenses, Double Convex,  w/ground edges
Item # Diameter Focal Length
909-1 38mm 50mm
909-2 38mm 100mm
909-3 38mm 150mm
909-4 38mm 200mm
909-5 38mm 300mm
909-23 50mm 50mm
909-24 50mm 100mm
909-25 50mm 150mm
909-26 50mm 200mm
909-35 50mm 250mm
909-6 75mm 175mm
909-7 100mm 200mm
909-17 100mm 500mm
909-18 125mm 350mm
Glass Lenses, Double Convave, ground edges
Glass Lenses, Double Concave,  w/ground edges
Item # Diameter Focal Length
909-15 38mm 50mm
909-8 38mm 100mm
909-9 38mm 150mm
909-10 38mm 200mm
909-16 38mm 300mm
909-19 38mm 500mm
909-27 50mm 50mm
909-21 50mm 100mm
909-22 50mm 150mm
909-11 50mm 200mm
909-12 75mm 200mm
glass lenses set
Glass Lenses Set
Item # Diameter pc/set
909-13 38mm 6pc/set
909-14 50mm 6pc/set
909-20 38mm (+150mm,-150mmFL) 2pc/set
909-28 50mm 8pc/set
909-36 38mm (+50mm, -100mmFL) 2pc/set
lens, prisms set Lens and Prisms Set
909-81 Acrylic Lens & prisms set, Acrylic 7pc/set
909-82 Glass Lens & prisms set, Glass 7pc/set
acrylic lens, prisms
Acrylic Lens & Prisms
909-60 Prism, 4pc/set
909-61 Prism, Trapezoid, 52x75x15mm Thick
909-62 Lens, Bi-Convex, ,89x25x15mm Thick
909-63 Lens,Bi-Concave, 87x18x15mm Thick
909-64 Equilateral Prism, 75mm x 25mmL
909-68A Equilateral Prism, 25mm x 25mmL
909-74 Equilateral Prism, 25mm x 50mmL
909-75 Equilateral Prism, 25mm x 75mmL
909-80 Equilateral Prism, 50mm x 20mmL
909-69 Prism, Right Angle, 1-1/4"x1-1/4",1-3/4" Thick
909-76 Prism, Right Angle,25mm x 50mmL
909-83 Rectangular Refraction Block, 75x75x12mmL
909-90 Prism, Right Angle, 24mm x 45mmL
909-95 Equilateral Prism, 25 x 12mmL
Equilateral Prism
Acrylic Lens & Prisms
Acrylic Lens & Prisms
Glass Prisms
909-70 Equilateral Prism,  25mm x 50mm L
909-71 Equilateral Prism,  25mm x 75mm L
909-72 Equilateral Prism,  25mm x 100mm L
909-73 Prism, Right Angle,  32mm x 50mm L
909-73-1 Prism, Right Angle,  100mm x 10mm L
909-73-2 Prism, Right Angle,  100mm x 20mm L
909-77 Equilateral Prism,  25mm x 150mm L
909-78 Refraction Block, Square, Glass, 75x75x9mmL
909-79 Prism, Equilateral, Refraction, 75x9mmL
909-84 Prism Equilateral,   25x25x25mmL
909-85 Prism, Right Angle, 100mm x 100mm
909-86 Semi-Circular, Glass Block, 8mm D, 9mm Thick
909-87 Semi-Circular, White Glass Block, 8mmD, 15mm Thick
909-88 Glass Block,  75mm x 50mm x 19mm Thick
909-89 Glass Block,  114 x 63 x 19mm Thick
909-91 Glass Prism, Right Angle, 100mm x 10m Thick
909-92 Glass Prism,  Equilateral,  42x32mm Length
909-93 Glass block, 1 end frosted,114x63x19mm T