Floating & Submergence Demonstrator Floating & Submergence Demonstrator

Try to fill /empty liquid to see how the container is in water.
Pascal Ball Pascal Ball

This device is used to show that water pressure will transmit in all directions. Consists of a hollow sphere connected to a hand pump. The sphere has an outer diameter of 3"and a capacity of 250ml. Ten projected nozzles are evenly distributed on the sphere. 14x4x4"
pascal's law apparatus Pascal's Law Apparatus
This kit demonstrates Pascal Law " An external applied to a fluid confined within a closed container is transmitted undiminished throughout the entrie fluid".
Liquid (Hydraulic) Internal Pressure Demo Kit

This kit includes a mini fluid nanometer and a fluid press tank equipped with synchronizing wheels, belts and hoses to obeserve fluid internal pressure changes along with the depth, i.e. There is an increase in pressure as the length of the column of liquid increases, due to the increased mass of the fluid above it.
hydraulic pressure Gravity and Hydrostatic Pressure
Pressure in a Container
The contaner with several spouts at different levels where different pressure can be measured when fill with water. It perfectly reconfirms "Gravity is the principlal cause of hydrostaic pressure". Nanometer is not included.
hydraulic pressure demo kit MS111.6 Hydraulic Pressure Demo Kit

This kit allows student to observe hydraulic pressure being built.
boyles law demo Boyle's Law Demonstrator
This kit demonstrates Boyle's Law " The absolute pressure and volume of a given mass of confined gas are inversely proportional, if the temperature remains unchanged within a closed system".
Hydraulic Turbine Experiment Kit Hydraulic Turbine Experiment Kit
Water Wheel
Wheel turning is driven by free falling water which converting the energy of free-flowing or falling water into turning forms of power.
Burette Tip, Burette Tip Assembly Burette Tip, Burette Tip Assembly
205 Capillary glass tip with ground tip.
205-1 Assembly with glass burette tip, pinch clamp and 3" of  latex tubing.
Condenser Condenser
302-0 Condenser, inner tube supported with rubber connection 250mm
302-1 Condenser, inner tube supported with rubber connection 300mm
302-2 Condenser, inner tube supported with rubber connection 400mm
302-3 Condenser, inner tube supported with rubber connection 500mm
Condenser, Leibig Condenser, Leibig
302-8 Condenser, Leibig, Borosilicate 100mm
302-9 Condenser, Leibig, Borosilicate 200mm
302-10 Condenser, Leibig, Borosilicate 300mm
302-11 Condenser, Leibig, Borosilicate 400mm
302-12 Condenser, Leibig, Borosilicate 500mm
Condenser Adapter Condenser Adapter
Condenser Adapter, Bent
302-21 Condenser Adapter, Straight
Convection Apparatus for Liquid Convection Apparatus for Liquid
Convection of Liquid Glass Frame
Illustrate the properties of convection currents!
The water and dye-filled glass frame is heated at the bottom corner. When observed, the movement shows the path of the convectional current.
(8" x 8-1/2" x 1/2").
Convection Apparatus for Liquid Convection Apparatus for Liquid

An all glass constructed Cartesian Diver with a red band to make the diver more visible.
Cartesian Diver Unit Cartesian Diver Unit

Supplied with a Diver and Hydrometer Jar.  A diver is placed in a cylinder of water.  Pressure on the cap forces water into the diver causing it to sink.  
Specific Gravity Bottle Specific Gravity Bottle

These uncalibrated specific gravity bottles are excellent for determining the specific gravity of liquids. The borosilicate bottles feature a ground stopper for a precision fit.
412-1 10ml
412-2 25ml
Harbottle Apparatus Harbottle Apparatus
The Harbottle helps students understand the meaning of fluid pressure and pressure reduction. 
A Harbottle is a round, glass, container with a balloon stretched over its opening and a hole in
the flattened base that is fitted with a rubber stopper. Students are amazed when the balloon remains inflated inside the bottle even though it
is not tied off or sealed. 
Hydraulic Press Demonstration Hydraulic Press Demonstration
without Stopper
803-S with Stopper
The transmission and multiplication of forces through a hydraulic system can be observed in this glass model.  
The force piston has a handle and a concave top for holding weights. 
Hydrometers Hydrometers
Item Discription Length
804-1 Heavy Liquids, 1.000-2.000 300 0.01
804-2 Light  Liquids, 0.700 -1.000 300 0.01
804-3 Universal, 
0.700 - 2.000
380 0.01
Hydrometer Jar Hydrometer Jar
The hydrometer jars are made from a heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a rolled upper edge and a wide support foot. Perfect for use with our heavy and light liquid hydrometers.
804-4 hydrometer jar 38x254mm
804-5 hydrometer jar 50x305mm
Osmosis Apparatus Osmosis Apparatus

Single Thistle Tube with Membrane
Osmosis Apparatus Osmosis Apparatus

Double Thistle Tube with Membrane
Osmosis Apparatus Osmosis Apparatus
Bladder Form with Glass Tube
A glass tube 45cm long with a membrane is attached to one end.  When the membrane is filled with sugar solution and immersed in water, the liquid in the tube will rise, showing osmotic pressure in a clear demonstration  Instructions included
Pressures Syringe. Pressures Syringe

Demonstrates that pressure is transmitted uniformly in all directions.  Unit consists of 2" diameter glass bulb and plunger. The bulb has a series of holes in a plane.  When pressure is applied to the plunger water is expelled at an equal distance in all directions.  Instructions included.
1602-S Pressure Syringe with Rubber Stopper
Funnel Tube, Thistle Tubes Funnel Tube, Thistle Tubes
Flint Glass
604-2 Funnel Tube, Semi-Micro, 6" x 4mm Stem
2001-1 Thistle Tube, 7mm x 300mm Stem
2001-2 Thistle Tube, 7mm x 400mm Stem
2001-3 Thistle Tube, 7mm x 150mm Stem
Venturi Tube Venturi Tube

A  glass tube 7" long and 3/4"" in diameter with a constriction at the center, and three vertical tubes.  When manometers are attached to the three openings the lower pressure at the constriction becomes evident. A verification of Bernoulli's principle.
Steam Generator Water Trap for Steam Generator

Designed for use with a steam generator or boiler to trap condensed steam. The unit is made of Pyrex glass and is 15.5 cm long.