Magnets Accessories

Lodestone Stirrup Lodestone Stirrup

A useful support for polarity demonstration
This is a brass stirrup designed to hold a lodestone, bar magnet or friction rod horizontally so that it can spin freely when suspended from a string. Used to determine magnetic polarity. (2" x 2-1/2 " x 1").
Bar Magnets, U Magnets Bar Magnets,  U Magnets
Painted red and blue to show the different polarities. Each set comes housed in a plastic storage case.
1249 Bar Steel, Painted 3"
1255 Bar Steel, Painted, 6.5“
1256  Horseshoe Shape, Steel, Painted, 3"
1256-1 Horseshoe Shape, Steel, Painted, 6"
1256-2 Alnico Bar Magnet, 1 Pair
Magnet Wand Classroom Pack Magnet Wand Classroom Pack

Strong ceramic magnets sealed in unbreakable colorful plastic cases. North and South poles are located on opposite faces for ease of use. A pair of magnetic wands can be used to demonstrate attraction and repulsion between poles. 7.5"x1"
1258-R Red
1258-B Blue
1258-Y Yellow
1258-G Green
1258-O Orange
1258-P Pink
1258-V Violet
Colored Ceramic Magnets Colored Ceramic  Magnets
Ceramic magnets with only the north pole painted in 6 colors. 1-1/4" (32 mm) diameter x 3/16" (5 mm) thick x 1/2" (9.5 mm) hole, in Pair.  
Magnetic Marbles Magnetic Marbles

Strong spherical ceramic magnets. Each marble has two hidden poles for students to reveal with experiments can be used along or with magnetic wands to study the properties of magnets. 5/8"diameter.
1260-R Red
1260-B Blue
1260-Y Yellow
1260-G Green
1260-O Orange
1260-P Pink
1260-V Violet