Microscope Slides and Cover Slips

Plain Microscope Slides Plain Microscope Slides
Size 25.4mm x 76.2mm x 1.0 - 1.2mm thick
1305-1 Ground edges, quality: 1st class, 72pc/pk
1305-5 Ground edges, quality: 1st class, 12pc/pk
1305-12 Ground edeges, quality: 2nd class, 72pc/pk
1305-2 Frosted one end, one side 72pc/pk
1305-6 Frosted one end, two sides 72pc/pk
Concavity Microscope Slides Concavity Microscope Slides
One or two, concavity miscroscope slides are 1.2-1.3mm thick, with 15mm diameter wells approximately. 0.5mm deep. Packed 12 pcs per box with 20 boxes of 12 in a master pack.
1305-3 Single concavity slides, ground edges. 72pc/pk
1305-7 Single concavity slides, ground edges, 12pc/pk
1305-4 Double concavity slides, ground edges, 72pc/pk
Glass Cover-Slips
Glass Cover-Slips
#1 Thickness, 0.13 -0.17mm
1305-20 18mm x 18mm 100pc/pk
1305-21 22mm x 22mm 100pc/pk
1305-23 24mm x 24mm 100pc/pk
1305-24 22mm x 40mm 100pc/pk
1305-25 24mm x 40mm 100pc/pk
1305-30 20mm x 20mm 100pc/pk
1305-31 24mm x 32mm 100pc/pk
1305-32 24mm x 50mm 100pc/pk
1305-33 25mm x 25mm 100pc/pk

Glass Cover_Slips
#2 Thickness, 0.17-0.25mm
1305-22 18mm x 18mm 80pc/pk
1305-26 22mm x 22mm 80pc/pk
1305-27 22mm x 40mm 80pc/pk
1305-28 24mm x 40mm 80pc/pk
1305-29 25mm x 25mm 80pc/pk