Safety Pipette Filler Safety Pipette Filler

This rubber pipette is used to safely draw liquids into a pipette. One valve is used to release air, draw in liquid with another, and the third valve regulates and releases the liquid.
Rubber Stopper Rubber Stopper

An excellent grade of rubber. Low sulfur content. Size numbers are molded into the top. One pound per bag. Available size from #000 to #14.
Wood Splints Wood Splints
Useful for variety of general laboratory applications. Packed in bundles of 500 each, with 50 packs per case.
Tongue Depressors 2306-PK-A Tongue Depressors
Non-sterile, smooth, clean birch wood. 500 pcs/box, 10 boxes/case.
2306-PK-A-1 Senior size, 5 7/8" x 13/16"
2306-PK-A-2 Junior size, 5½" x 5/8"
Sample Vials Sample Vials
Materials: Linear low-density polyethylene
With friction-fit, snap closures. Useful for samples, pH cups, weighing vessels and packing applications. Will not shatter like polystyrene vials.
Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center
Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center
Available with or without ceramic center. Double turned edges eliminate sharp wire ends.
4000-0 Wire Gauze 3" sides and 2" ceramic center
4000-1 Wire Gauze 4" sides and 3" ceramic center
4000-2 Wire Gauze 5" sides and 4" ceramic center
4000-3 Wire Gauze 6" sides and 5" ceramic center
4000-4 Wire Gauze 7" sides and 6" ceramic center
Wire Gauze without Ceramic Center Wire Gauze without Ceramic Center
4000-0B Wire Gauze with 3" Sides
Wire Gauze with 4" Sides
4000-2B Wire Gauze with 5" Sides
4000-3B Wire Gauze with 6" Sides
4000-4B Wire Gauze with 7" Sides
electrician tool kit MS631 Electrician Tool Kit
14pc set electrician tool kit