Plastic Cylinder

PP¬†Graduated Cylinders Polypropylene  Graduated Cylinders

These translucent cylinders are an outstanding value! Molded-in graduations are large and easy to read. Large rounded bases are ribbed for reinforcement and stability. Generous pour spout. Very good chemical resistance.
plastic cylinder Plastic Cylinder
Clear cylinder molded graduations. Very good chemical resistance. PFA material
1601P-10 Plastic cylinder 10ml
1601P-20 Plastic cylinder 30ml
1601P-50 Plastic cylinder 50ml
1601P-100 Plastic cylinder 100ml
1601P-200 Plastic cylinder 200ml
1601P-300 Plastic cylinder 300ml
1601P-500 Plastic cylinder 500ml
1601P-1000 Plastic cylinder 1000ml
1601P-2000 Plastic cylinder 2000ml
Graduated Cylinder, Hexagon Bases, plastic Graduated Cylinder, Hexagon Bases
Plastic cylinders with distinct graduations for your most precise volume measurements. Extra-wide hexagon bases prevent tipping, easy-pour spouts prevent spilling. Set of six (25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 ml capacities).