Plastic Flask

PP Erlenmeyer Flask Erlenmeyer Flask,  Polypropylene

For general laboratory use. molded-in graduations. Liquid level easily visible. Material PP.
Volumetric Flask Volumetric Flask
Polypropylene Screw Closure
Polymethylpentene, PFA
Translucent. Can be autoclaved, but accuracy will
be affected. Before autoclaving, set closure on top
of the container without engaging the threads. 
1621P-25P 25ml
1621P-50P 50ml
1621P-100P 100ml
1621P-250P 250ml
1621P-500P 500ml
Conical Flask, PP Conical Flask, PP
This cone shaped flask comes with a securely fitting, coarse threaded cap. This flask is autoclavable and leak-proof when the screw cap it tightly applied. 20401P-C-100 100ml
20401P-C-250 250ml
20401P-C-500 500ml