Pulley, Gear. Wheels

Pulley Pulley
All pulley's are sturdily constructed with an aluminum housing and plastic wheel.
1606-1 plastic pulley, single
1606-2 plastic pulley, double
1606-3 plastic pulley, triple
1606-4 plastic pulley, quadruple
1606-5 plastic pulley, double tandem
1606-6 plastic pulley, triple tandem
Pulley on Rod 1606-8  Pulley on Rod
Pulley with extension arm, arm 50MM aluminum
rod-mounted. Essential for teaching about simple machines and force! An aluminum 50mm pulley mounted on an aluminum support with handle. The rod mounted pulley can be used to build your own incline plane, and can be mounted to a support rod using a right-angle clamp.
Rod-Mounted Pulley (10" x 2-1/2" x 3-3/4" .7lb).
1606-8P  Same as above, only  mounted with plastic pulley.
Pulley with Table Clamp Pulley with Table Clamp - Cast Iron, Aluminum
Cast Iron Clamp
1606-21 Aluminum Clamp
The clamp mounts to the edge of any table up to 2-3/8" thick. The 2 " diameter metal pulley is mounted to an 8" rod that can be fixed to any position up to 10-1/2" above the table.
Pulley Pulley
All pulley's are sturdily constructed with an aluminum housing and plastic colored wheel. 50mm Diameter.
1607-1 plastic pulley, single
1607-2 plastic pulley, double
1607-3 plastic pulley, triple
1607-4 plastic pulley, quadruple
1607-5 plastic pulley, double tandem
1607-6 plastic pulley, triple tandem
Pulley Pulley
All pulley's are constructed with aluminum housing and aluminum wheel. Specifications are as above.
1608-1 aluminum pulley, single
1608-2 aluminum pulley, double
1608-3 aluminum pulley, triple
1608-4 aluminum pulley, quadruple
1608-5 aluminum pulley, double tandem
1608-6 aluminum pulley, triple tandem
Wheel and Axle Wheel and Axle

This unit is designed to demonstrate mechanical advantage and conservation of energy. It is fitted with four coaxial pulleys of 35, 50, 65, and 105mm diameter. The wheel is fitted with a ball bearing which turns on a single steel rod
table clamp pulleys Table Clamp Pulleys
Table Clamp Pulleys for different applications.
S102-5-A Table Clamp Pulley
S102-5-B Table Clamp Pulley
S102-5-C Table Clamp Pulley
S102-5-D Table Clamp Pulley
S102-5-E Table Clamp Pulley
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pulley on rod Pulleys on Rod
Differnet pulleys with different rod length.
S102-6A on Rod
S102-6B Aluminum Pulley on Rod
S102-6C Brass Pulley on Rod
S102-6D Plastic Pulley on Rod
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pulley clip set for stand Pulley Clip Set for Stand

Pulleys with variety of clips or hooks for different applications including below pieces:
A. Controllable triple tandem pulleys  D30-40-50mm
B. Triple tandem pulleys D30-40-50mm
C. Controllablwe single pulley D30mm
D. Single pulley D40mm
E. Clip for stand
controllable pulley set Controllable Pulley Set
includes below pieces
A. Controllable Single
B. Single
C. Double Tandem
D. Double Side by Side
E. Thread with Bobbin
dem controllable pulley set Demo Controllable Pulley Set
Demo Controllable Pulley Set
A. Triple controllable pulleys tandem 70mm
B. Triple pulleys side by side 40-50-70mm
C. Triple controllable pulleys side by side 40-50-70mm
D.Triple pulleys tandem 70mm
E. Single pulley 70mm
pulley with optional sizes and arrangements Pulley with Optional Sizes and Arrangements
Single Controllable Pulley 40mm
S102-10-2 Triple Controllable Pulleys Side by Side 30-40-50mm
S102-10-3 Triple Controllable Pulleys Side by Side 40-50-70mm
S102-10-4 Triple Controllable Pulleys Tandem 70mm
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wheel axle model Wheel Axle Model

This model is for demonstrating wheel is the extrension of lever. The lever principle applies the wheel. This kit consists of two wheels with the small wheel redius half of the larger one where students can observe by apply half weights to the large one than to the small wheel can achieve balance.
transmission experimental kit Transmission Experimental Kit
Including below pieces
1. Trasmitted by friction
2. Belt Transmission
3. Multi gears transmission
4. Worm gear transmission
5. Rack and gear transmission
6. Driven by chain between wheels
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