Scoop and Scrape

scoop Lab Scoop
Lab Scoop stainless steel scoop with wooden handle
lab scoop

lab scoop handle
Lab Scoop
Stainless steel lab scoop for 1835, 10pc/pk
Lab Scoop Handle

Lacquered wooden handle to fit lab scoop 1835
scoop Disposable Scoop
1837 Scoop
Sterile  4oz
1838 Scoop Sterile Teaspoon
1839 Scoop
An'Bag,  2oz
Disposable Scoop, HDPE, individually packed
combustion spoon Combustion Spoon
1.5cmD, 41cmL
S604-2 3cmD, 29cmL
S604-3 1.5cmD,  41cmL,  with Aluminum Cap.
This deflagrating and combustion spoon is designed for burning phosporus, sulfur, etc. Stainless steel spoon has a 15" handle and the diameter is 3/4"
wooden handle scrape Wooden Handle Scrape
Length 4"
S605-2-2 Length 5"
S605-2-3 Length 6"
Stainless steel lab scrap with hard wooden handle.