Specific Gravity and Density

Specific Gravity Bottle Specific Gravity Bottle
These uncalibrated specific gravity bottles are excellent for determining the specific gravity of liquids. The borosilicate bottles feature a ground stopper for a precision fit.
412-1 10ml
412-2 25ml
Equal Mass Density Set Equal Mass Density Set
Show the inverse relationship between density and length for cylinders of the same mass and diameter. Includes: PVC, brass, polyethylene, aluminum and nylon specimens. Each is 12 mm in diameter, but of varying length. Includes instructions.
Density Blocks Set/4 Density Blocks Set/4

Four 1" cubes: copper, steel, brass and aluminum. Stamped with chemical symbol.
Density Blocks Set/4 Density Gravity Blocksvwith Hook

These blocks demonstrate the density of four different materials-aluminum, brass, steel and lead. Each cube is 3.2cm3 and has a hook.
Specific Gravity Cubes with Hook Specific Gravity Cubes with Hook
These 25 mm cubes includes hooks on one face for easy transport in and out of cylinders and beakers. Includes 1 each of aluminum, brass, plated steel, and zinc. With instructions
Equal Mass Cylinder Set  Equal Mass Cylinder Set

These cylinders demonstrate the inverse relationship between density and the length for cylinders of the same mass and diameter. This set consists of 5 cylinders (copper, aluminum, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene) of the same mass and diameter. All the cylinders are 12 mm (1/2") in diameter and range from 14 mm to 120 mm in length
Equal Mass Cylinder Set Equal Mass Cylinder Set

Five cylinders (aluminum, copper, lead, tin and zinc) of same mass (30g) and same diameter ( 1/2"). The metal is identified with a stamped symbol on one end. Used for experiments on density and specific gravity. Specification sheet included.
Specific Gravity Cylinder Set Specific Gravity Cylinder Set

5pcs/set,58g (tin, alum., lead, zinc, brass)
This set contains four metal rods (aluminum, brass, steel & copper) of equal size. 13mm diameter & 50mm length.
Specific Gravity block Specific Gravity Block
Cubic 12pcs/set, 2cm
(acrylic,soft wood,wood,plastic, risen, iron, alum, zinc, tin, lead, brass, copper)
205.2 Cubic 10pcs/set, 2.54cm
(acrylic, wood, plastic, iron, alum, zinc, lead, brass, copper)
205.3 Cubic 6pcs/set, 2cm, 2x3x1cm,
1x1x1cm (iron, alum, zinc, lead, brass, copper)
205.4 Cubic with ring, 5pcs/set, 3.2cm 
(iron, alum, lead, copper, brass)
205.5 Cubic, 4pcs/set, 1.3x1.3x5cm
(alum., lead, brass,  copper)
205.6 Cubic with hook 6pc/set, 2cm (iron, alum., brass, copper, zinc, lead, tin)
205.7 Cubic 4pc/set (aluminum x2, iron, wood)
Specific Gravity Cylinder Specific Gravity Cylinder
specific cylinder,3pcs/set,D2xH3.2cm
(iron, alum., brass)
206.2 specific cylinder,4pcs/set,D1.27xH5.1cm
(iron, alum., brass copper)
206.3  specific cylinder, 4pcs/set, D2xH4.7cm
(iron, alum., brass, copper)
206.4 specific cylinder, 5pcs/set,19g
(copper, alum., PVC, nylon, risen)
206.5 specific cylinder, 5pcs/set,58g
(tin, alum., lead, zinc, brass)
Solid Geometric Block Solid Geometric Block
These solids demonstrate the relationships between volume, size and shape. This set containers 10 pieces which are made of dura material.
S903-2-1 5cm
S903-2-2 6cm