Spoon and Spatula

Spoon, Spatula - Stainless steel
Spoon and Spatula - Stainless steel, Semi Micro
Spoon, bowl is 30mmx9mm, Spatula is 45mm x 9mm. Over length is 18-20cm
Spoon, bowl is 50mmx9mm, Spatula is 45mm x 9mm. Over length is 22cm.
stainless steel spoon Stainless Steel Spoon, Spatula
Stainless steel lab spoons and spatulas available in different specifications bellow.
S603-1  105mm, Single Spoon, Spatula with Plastic Housing Handle
S603-2  125mm, Single Spoon
S603-3  140mm, Single Spoon, Spoon/Spatula
S603-4  160mm, Single Spoon, Spoon/Spatula
S603-5  200mm, Single Spoon, Double Spoons, Spoon/Spatula
Please mention single spoon, double spoons or spoon/spatula,... when placing order to avoid misunderstanding.
combustion spoon Combustion Spoon
1.5cmD, 41cmL
S604-2 3cmD, 29cmL
S604-3 1.5cmD,  41cmL,  with Aluminum Cap.
This deflagrating and combustion spoon is designed for burning phosporus, sulfur, etc. Stainless steel spoon has a 15" handle and the diameter is 3/4"