Stethoscope 7-1375 Stethoscope
Stethoscopes - An excellent choice for listening
to heart and chest. Use these stethoscopes in combination with aneroid sphygmomanometer.
Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
teaching stethoscope 1380 Teaching Stethoscope
Chrome plated adult dual head chest piece, binaural, model with PVC tubing with
coordinated plastic retaining and non chill
rings. Suitable for 2 persons use simultaneously.
Disposable Plastic Stethoscope 1871 Disposable Plastic Stethoscope
This is an economic type stethoscope.
Made from plastic material.
stethoscope 1872 1872 Bowle's Stethoscopes
A standard medical stethoscope with flexible tubing and 1-3/4"chestpiece. The binaural is chrome plated brass.