Supplemental Items

Bug Viewer Bug Viewer

Rugged, clear plastic viewer with 5mm squares on the bottom for easier specimen measurement. The top has a 2.5X glass lens.
Fancy bug viewer Fancy bug viewer

Allows students to view an object from two different angles, top and bottom, through magnifying lenses. Small objects such as insects and plants can be placed in the slide tray. Two students can view the object at the same time.
Apron - Rubberized Cloth Apron - Rubberized Cloth
These aprons are made of a chemical resistant
PVC coated cloth which stays flexible. There is
reinforcement at the points of strain.
1050 Apron Size: 36" x 27"
1051 Apron Size: 42" x 27"
1052 Apron Size: 42" x 36"
1053 Apron Size: 46" x 36"
Bug viewer Bug viewer

75mm x 5X glass lens&
Professional grade glass optics allow you to see the finest details. Pre-focused for quick, easy viewing.
Mini bug viewer Mini bug viewer

19mm x 12X glass lens
Professional grade glass optics allow you to see the finest details. Pre-focused for quick, easy viewing.
Fancy bug viewer Fancy Bug Viewer

Crystal-clear plastic containers include a
magnifying lid with air holes and a sizing grid,
and fancy designed. This magnifying viewer for examining bugs, etc.
Disposable Petri Dish Disposable Petri Dish
Materials: Polynethylpentene
Shatterproof and reusable. Has superior chemical resistance; resists cell adhering. Stackable for convenience
Glass Eye Dropper Glass Eye Dropper
Glass pipette with 1 ml rubber nipple. 4" long with straight tip.
Bare-Handed Microtome Bare-Handed Microtome

This unique, easy-to-use microtome features a built-in safety flange to protect fingers from cuts. Made of high quality steel materials. It is good
for students in laboratory dissecting projects.
Insect Net Insect Net

This quality built nylon insect net features a telescoping aluminum handle that extends from 18" to 32". A simple twist of the handle locks and unlocks the handle for varying lengths. A 48" long conical net is mounted on 14" ring.
Insect Net
with telescoping pole 60cmx2, net diameter 30cm, net length 45cm.
Insect Net Insect Net
20x14cm rectangle mouth, 40cm pole.
Plastic frame and handle, Colored
YJ7050 60mm x 6X/16mm x10X
YJ7049 75mm x 5X/22mm x 8X
YJ7048 75mm x 4X/26mm x 8X
YJ7047 90mm x 3X/30mm x 8X
Wood Splints Wood Splints
2306-PK, 500/pk

Useful for variety of general laboratory applications. Packed in bundles of 500 each.
Sample Vials Sample Vials Materials

Linear low-density polyethylene With friction-
fit, snap closures. Useful for samples, pH cups, weighing vessels and packing applications.
Will not shatter like polystyrene vials.
Pinning Block Pinning Block

This wood pinning block has 3 steps. Excellent
for mounting insects.
Pocket Loupe Pocket Loupe

Pocket sized, metal frame, chrome plated, retrievable, with elegant box.
YJ7058B 12mm 20X
YJ7058-21-W1 21mm 10X
YJ7058-21-W3 21mm 30X
Magnifier Magnifier
Foldable black, 2 in 1
20mm x 6X, 75mm x 2.5X
20mm x 8X,  100mm x 2.5X 
For more magnifiers, click magnifier pages.
Foldable Magnifier
Illuminated Magnifier
Porcket Loupe
Straight Handle Magnifier
Table Magnifier