Switches and Contacts

Contact key Contact key

This key is used to open and close an electrical circuit momentarily. Excellent for demonstrating Morse code
Mini Knife Switch Mini Knife Switch

Single knife single throw.
Knife Switches
Knife Switches
Knife Switches
912 Knife Switch, Single Pole, Single Throw
913 Knife Switch, Single Pole, Double Throw
914 Knife Switch, Double Pole, Single Throw
915 Knife Switch, Double Pole, Double Throw
Knife Switches
Knife Switch with Spring Posts
The spring binding posts allow for quick electrical connections to a circuit.
Knife switch spring post, single throw single post
Knife switch spring post, single throw double post
Knife switch spring post, double throw double post
european style knife switch European Style Knife Switch
Mini lamp holder, Euro style
S300-1B Single throw knife switch, Euro style
S300-1B Double throw knife switch, Euro style
plug key switch Plug Key Switch
Single plug key switch
S302-2B Double plug key switch
on off switch ON/OFF Switch
ON/OFF switch is good for on various purposes in lab experiments.
switch lamp holder snail buzzer MS301.7 Switch Lamp Holder Snail Buzzer
Mini switch on blue board
S301-7-2 Mini lamp holder on blue board
S301-7-3 Minim lamp holder on blue board