Hand Tally, Counter

1390 Hand Tally (Counter)
This hand tally is ideal for various lab applications including taking surveys, counting total drops of liquid and blood samples, and performing laboratory inventory.
Records to 9999 with four digits. Button has an audible click when depressed.
spark timer 2008  Spark Timers
Acceleration, Spark Timer with accessories. This apparatus is used for determining the rate of acceleration in a falling weight, calculating the speed of moving cart or studying the forces of friction. A paper strip is pilled through the timer while a spark at a very precise interval is created which burns tiny dots into the paper strip as it passes. The faster the strip passes through the sparks the large distance between dots. It is easy then for the student to calculate the rate of speed for acceleration. As an added benefit, everything on the spark timer is enclosed for safety.  110 volt.
Digital Timer and Photogate

2009 Digital Timer and Photogate

The solid state apparatus is a must for any physics class and is perfect for our air track and free fall apparatus. Two photo-gates are included, each with it own shielded connecting cord and mounting screws. The timer has functions for timing, mechanical periods of oscillation, acceleration, collision velocities, counting and more